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COVID-19 Protocol

*One person in the office at a time. Please do not enter the office while another client is in the front. We also kindly ask that only one person per family enters at a time. 

*Masks are mandatory when entering the office. 


*Hand Sanitizer is located on the wall to the left when entering the office.


*Please do not pass over the signage advising of social distancing. We are trying our best to maintain 6 feet between clients and staff at all times. 


*If you have been exposed to someone with COVID symptoms or are showing symptoms yourself we kindly ask that you do not enter our office and stay home to self isolate. 




* We are still asking clients to leave with their dogs leash, collar/harness and to bring it back with them at pickup. (Please note ALL dogs must be leashed when in our parking lot)


*Staff is required to wear a mask in the front office.

*Plexiglass divider installed on cash desk. 


*We are continuing to not take outside containers for lunch. If you have a puppy on a 3x a day feeding schedule or a dog requiring midday feeds for medical reasons please connect with us.


*We are wiping the front door and handle frequently throughout the day and after each client when possible. 


*We are disinfecting the Moneris machine between uses. 


We thank you in advance for helping us keep everyone safe and healthy. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to let us know :)