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LEASH Loft & Spa currently offers dog daycare services Monday to Friday from 6:00am to 7:00pm.

Your pup will receive top-notch care throughout the day in a well-supervised and stimulating environment.


While your pup is in our dog daycare, they will have a balanced life of play-time, learning, and relaxation. We will strive to know your dog’s unique personality to make sure each and every dog is happy, healthy, and safe. So bring your dog to make new friends, get in a walk, or just enjoy a snooze in the company of others!

We will meet their daily requirements in socialization, play-time, and exercise, and send you home with a pleasantly pooped pup. Recently welcomed a puppy into your family? Check out Puppy Pre-K


Interested in joining the Loft? Ready to sign up?

Enrol now for a FREE Assessment.

 Why an assessment? Not all dogs enjoy the daycare atmosphere; as a result, it’s important to us to be able to observe and get to know your pup and for your pup to get to know us  before introducing them to our pack and  ensuring everyone is having a good time!

Drop In Rates

Half Day - Up to 6 Hours -  $30
Full Day - Over 6 Hours - $40

Packages are also available


  • Additional Dog: Half price! Must reside in same household for discount to apply.

  • Late Fees Apply For Dogs Picked Up After 7:00pm. 

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