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Puppy Pre-K

Puppy Preschool is designed for pups between 9wks and 19wks of age.  


What makes Puppy Preschool so unique is that pups that have not yet received all of their vaccines are eligible to enrol.  Puppy Preschool takes place in a separate area of the daycare with a private entrance and is exclusive to puppies only. Play groups are are divided by energy and play styles-if you have a shy pup they can take the time they need to warm up without feeling overwhelmed. Routine and consistency is crucial for the well being and development of puppies of all stages. We recognize that this can be difficult to obtain when working 9am-5pm and during a time of so much uncertainty. 

During your pups time here they will work with a certified dog professional that will help establish proper play with other puppies, sharing toys, and desensitization exercises to things like moving wheels, people in hats, and umbrellas. Your pup will also be exposed to different sounds and introduced to grooming equipment (Does Not Include Groom). Puppies will also play with interactive toys, and practice crate training - crate training is a great tool to help puppies build confidence and also give them some much needed down time to decompress while working on a puzzle or catching some zzz's.

Fun, controlled exposure to new things is vital for puppies as they're learning about everything and absorbing as much of it as they can during the first 14weeks. They're hyper sensitive at this age so ensuring that things are kept positive is of the utmost importance.  A puppy that has been well socialized and safely exposed to lots of different things will often grow up to a be happier more confident dog. If you're thinking of using daycare in the future, Puppy Pre-k is a great way to help your pup make that transition when appropriate as they will get to utilize all of their new skills making friends. 

Puppy PreK Is Currently On Hiatus

P/T Pre-K Under 5 Hours: $42

F/T Pre-K Over 5 Hours: $52


Early Drop Off & Late Pick Up Available

*Save 50% on your first Pre-K reso*

(First Pre-K session is free for Coastal Canine Training Clients currently enrolled with a Puppy Package)
-No Cash Value-

Interested in learning more?  Want to enrol your pup?

Email us at or give us a call: 604-941-9001

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